About Shelby Bank and How She Got Here

If you’re reading this, it means you’re on my businesses website. Which means one of my biggest dreams and most audacious goals has come true. (I’m going to let that sink in for a minute, mind = B.L.O.W.N.)

You’ve clicked on this blog post which means one of two things:

  1. You’re my mom (hi, Patty!)

  2. You’re considering potentially hiring me and want a bit more info about one of the human’s behind Dive In Digital

For the number twos out there, hi! I’m Shelby Bank and I’m going to take the next three (okay more like five if you don’t skim this whole thing) minutes of your internet time to tell you a bit about me and how I became a co-founder of Dive In Digital.

The Basics

I live in Denver, Colorado and grew up right outside Boulder, Colorado in the most suburban neighborhood of all time. Seriously, we’re talking HOA monitored fence colors, identical home models, and regulated grass lengths. Everything about Superior, Colorado was picture perfect and I was extremely fortunate to have grown up there. However, if you met my family before you read this blog post, me being raised in a “Stepford Wife Community” would make as much sense as Jerry Garcia being sober.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 4.31.09 PM.png

Although our house looked the exact same as all the others on the outside, on the inside every wall was a different color. It was packed full of statues and pieces of art that our neighbors would politely call “unique” and that my parents would call “fucking cool.” My parents expressed who they were in every aspect of our home. I was raised in a physical metaphor that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The Bank way of doing things has always been different, and my parents pushed me to own my personal uniqueness wherever I could. Authenticity was sewn in to our family dynamic the same way dinner every night at 6pm may have been sewn into yours.

When I was 17, I did what every high school girl does and became the president of my high school’s marketing club. You see, I’ve never been able to do anything halfway. If I was going to be in the marketing club, damn it I was going to lead it. If was going to audition to be in my 5th grade’s adaptation of the play Annie, damn right I was going to be Annie. If I was going to study abroad, I was going to get into the hardest program my school offered. And if I was going to open a business, damn right I was going to convince the smartest person I knew to be my business partner.

When your parents raise you to deeply believe in your differences — you do. And when you own your differences, the parts of you that are irreplaceable, you’ll take on any challenge

The Details

Here’s a bunch of information that my college counselor told me you would care about but that we all realistically know you don’t. I went to college at the University of Oregon (go ducks) where I studied Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I spent a semester abroad at the Copenhagen Business School, where I didn’t learn much in the classroom but learned a tremendous amount about life.

The Foundation

When I was five years old, my dad started Containerbuyers.com, an industrial containers company that would make him the fifth generation of Bank men in the barrel business (a self-defined Capitalistic Hippy). In 1999, our family’s Saturdays were often spent washing out used barrels while wearing matching tie dye t-shirts and jamming out to the Grateful Dead (this is vastly exaggerated, and absolutely never happened all at the same time, but paints a solid high-level picture of my childhood). In 2002, my mom joined the business, and in 2015, so did my brother.

Family business is the foundation of who I am. Containerbuyers was kind of like my parents third child. It was with us at the dinner table, made vacationing extremely difficult, but completed our family dynamic. I had the privilege of having a front row seat to the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship. I understood what accounts receivable meant before I could drive and I got to watch both my parents create, build, and work incredibly hard for their own success.

There was no plan B, our entire family’s livelihood was completely dependent on plan A.  

Why Hire Me

I could sit here and list my experience and numerical proof of my value, but guess what? So can a lot of other people.

As someone whose potentially hiring me, here’s what you really need to know — I don’t believe in the impossible. My parents taught me that impossible wasn’t an option. My career so far has shown me that impossible is a mindset, one that I absolutely refuse to let penetrate the tenacity and relentlessness that has allowed me to open my own business in my mid-twenties. In my first job out of college I watched two young women sell a company to the Food Network that five years earlier they created in their dorm room. During my time in the pet industry, I witnessed a family owned and operated business completely reinvent what healthy means for pets and introduce products that are fundamentally redefining pet healthcare.

I want to help you see past the impossible.

I’ve found that what drives me, what makes me giddy and passionate about the work I do, is helping businesses work smarter, communicate more clearly to their ideal customer, and build processes that make life easier. I do this best for individuals who’ve risked it all to pursue their biggest dreams — like my parents, and probably, like you.

I’ve never been motivated by pats on the back or monetary compensation. I’ve always been motivated by impact. I won’t settle at good enough or one off successes, I believe in sustainable growth that provides stable long-term results.

Why Am I Telling You All of This

When Rachel (the smartest person I know!) and I decided to take the leap to open Dive In Digital, we started to discuss what about us and our mindset towards digital marketing made us valuable. The answer was simple: we deeply believe that connecting a brand’s story to an engaged online community is the key to building audiences that convert. We’re both passionate storytellers and see the beauty in the internet’s ability to connect a person with a brand that stems from a shared experience.

Containerbuyers' customers don’t buy barrels from them because they have the best damn barrels in Colorado (which is also definitely true). They buy barrels from them because they represent over a 100 years in the industry, they are an example of tried and true family business, they’ve built relationships with their customers that cannot be replicated. There is no barrel like a Bank barrel because there is no one like the Bank family, just like there is no one like me.

I deeply believe you learning more about me means you’ll feel more connected to Dive In Digital. That you’ll click out of this blog post and have a lingering feeling about the hippy-raised marketer who is dead set on making your life easier.

I can’t wait to get to know you.