Don’t Go Overboard

We believe that the majority of small businesses are going overboard when it comes to their digital marketing. This branding workshop designed to give you what you actually need to build a sustainable social media marketing strategy.

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This workshop is for small business owners who want to:

  1. Craft a sustainable social media strategy that will impact their business

  2. Actually get work done and not pay to be lectured at 

  3. Have a social media presence that you’re proud of


During the workshop will get the time to:

  1. create brand guidelines, a tactical resource that defines the way your brand appears, feels, and its key messaging

  2. programming a month’s worth of content

  3. ask questions about social media and understand how each platform should be used effectively

After the workshop you will walk away with:

  1. Our ultimate digital marketing guide that teaches you best practices, pro tips, and strategy behind each platform

  2. Process and workflow examples so you can upkeep this strategy internally

  3. A completed content calendar for an entire month that’s ready to be implemented the minute you leave the workshop

  4. A reporting template so you know what numbers actually matter when determining social media success and areas of improvement

  5. An invite to our private Facebook group

Why you should trust us:

Dive In Digital is a digital marketing consulting company that was founded on the principals that business-changing marketing strategies are developed through genuine storytelling, cultivating an engaged community, and establishing processes that make your goals a reality.

Through our client-facing work, we realized that the most common issue for small businesses when it comes to social media is simply that it’s overwhelming. The narrative over the past 3-4 years has been that if you’re not doing everything the internet has to offer when it comes to social media, you’re already failing. The result being that most small businesses either give up on social media or attempt to use every platform, inconsistently. We created this workshop to drop the shame and equip you with the time and tools to to re-focus on the what and why of their business and how to develop a social media marketing strategy that communicates that the best.

Why is “Don’t Go Overboard” a branding workshop?

No one knows your business, your services, or your products better than you do. As small business owners, we all started our companies with the same motivator — passion. You have a passion that was strong enough to disrupt your entire life.

Our workshop gives businesses the opportunity to re-focus in on the passion behind the message that led them to start their business through creating brand guidelines that will become one of the most valuable internal resources for their entire team. 

Most small businesses aren’t tying their brand to their social media marketing strategy. Which means their social media presence isn’t working for them and is absolutely not impacting their bottom line.

The real issue is that you haven’t made this a priority:

You’ve had “figuring out what we’re doing on social media” at the bottom of your to-do list for months if not years. You’ve outsourced it to agencies who are charging you an arm and a leg to implement on digital marketing platforms that you might not even need. No more excuses. This workshop is carving out the 4-hours you need to streamline your brand messaging, determine what social media platforms you should be using based on your businesses goals and ideal customers, and building out an entire month’s content calendar.

The investment + what our clients say about this process:

When asked how valuable our audit process was, 100% of clients have ranked it as extremely valuable. On a scale from 1-10, on average, our clients have ranked our audit’s impact on their business a 10. 

“The audit provided by Dive In Digital was so insightful and very well thought out! We know this is going to be so helpful as we continue to shape our long term social and web strategy.” 

100% of the content we’re going to provide you for this workshop comes from the work we do for our clients in the first month of our consulting relationship. We refer to it as “The Audit.” We have clients pay over $2,000 for us to perform an audit for them. We’re giving you the same tools, strategies, and guidelines for just $250.

Tell me more about “brand guidelines”:

Your brand guidelines will be a deck you’ll be able to reference that streamlines all of your messaging. This includes:

  • An outline of your brand’s visual identity 

  • A review of your why, mission statement, and key products/services

  • An overview of what topics your brand cares about most

  • An in-depth profile of your target audience and their lifestyle preferences 

  • Set rules surrounding how your brand looks and talks online

Meet your social media experts: