Our #1 goal is to demystify digital marketing so you can make more money.

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The Four Steps We Use To Improve Your Digital Marketing



your current digital presence so we know what’s going on.



to reach your business goals and present this to you.



the strategy by creating content and posting on your channels.



growth by maintaining your channels, reporting, and planning for the future.


Your Passion is Your Business. Our Passion is Translating Your Brand’s Story to an Engaged Online Audience.

D.I.D. was founded on the principals that business-changing marketing strategies are developed through genuine storytelling, cultivating an engaged community, and establishing processes that make your goals a reality. It’s one thing to know what you want and it’s another thing to know how to get there. Our mission is getting you closer to your biggest dreams and most audacious goals.


We take a people-first approach to creating dynamic and sustainable digital marketing strategies.  


How We Got Started

I’m Rachel (left) and I’m Shelby (right). Once upon a time, we were a boss and direct report duo. We were a part of a small, ambitious startup in New York City called Spoon University (which spoiler alert, would later become the #1 food website for Millennials and Gen Z). We grew Spoon’s social channels from 50k followers to 2M and ran a full digital marketing strategy for two years. This led to the company’s acquisition by Scripps Networks Interactive (now Discovery Inc.), home to the Food Network.

Did we know what we were getting ourselves into five years ago? Absolutely not! The experience was transformative. We went straight from our college campuses to the center of the most competitive media landscape in the world. It tested our limits, gave birth to our strengths, and solidified our passion of helping brands tell their story.

Since then, Rachel has gone on to write a cookbook (published by Penguin Random House), manage teams of editors and marketers, and lead company-wide branding workshops. She is still actively involved in the media and food scenes of New York City.

Shelby has gone on to lead the marketing efforts of one of the fastest growing companies in the pet industry. Helping to establish and implement their marketing strategy, working with their co-founders to identify their brand identity/messaging, and quadrupling their digital revenue. She now lives in Denver, Colorado.


How We’re Different

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We get it, there are a lot of options out there. However, at Dive In Digital we offer a more personal approach to consulting. When you work with us you get access to real humans instead of a large agency.

To put it bluntly, we don’t believe in vanity metrics, instead we will create an authentic digital marketing strategy to reach goals that will impact your business. We don’t believe audience size always correlates to success. We don’t settle for growth hacks or not having a sustainable plan. We lean in on finding the connection that makes a follower a fan, and more importantly a lifelong customer.


Without process, you can drown in the endless to-dos of digital marketing. We value introducing sustainable processes that streamline the management of your online presence.


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